My gear has fluctuated from a single camera and lens to a bag heavy enough to break a camel's back, and everything in-between. Over the years, I have intentionally simplified my gear, and I’ve kept it that way. 

I believe that simplifying your gear forces you to develop your creativity. I have sold all of my zoom lenses and currently shoot only prime lenses for a few reasons... one being you can't beat the sharpness of prime lenses and the second reason is I found myself becoming stagnant as I was shooting. 

Allow me to give you a tour of what's in my bag!

My camera bodies consist of a Nikon D810 which is my primary body, my backup body is the Nikon D750.

A 35mm lens. This lens is my workhorse, I use it for approximately 80% of my images. I love wide angle lenses because I have the advantage of being close to my subjects. I like being able to interact with them. The 35mm lens is my go to for storytelling!

A 50mm lens. The nifty 50! A solid second choice for me. It gives me a bit more compression in the background while not creating a totally different look from the 35mm. 

A 105mm macro lens. Some photographers consider this to be the perfect portrait lens. While I will occasionally work with this focal length for portraits I most commonly use it as a macro lens for detail shots. 

A 135mm lens. This focal length offers a large amount of compression in the background and provides great subject isolation. It gives images a fine art quality. However, you need significantly more room to use this lens. It is much harder to interact with your subject when working at this length. 

For flashes I have 2 Nikon Speed lights. I prefer to work with only natural light but on occasion a speed light is necessary. 

My bag is the Wyndham Street bag from Johansen. It is big enough for all of my gear and laptop. There is an interior padded camera box that keeps everything organized and safe. 

There are some things that will give you a far better return on your investment than others. For example, I believe good lenses are a far better investment than the newest camera body. However, I whole-heartily believe the thing that will give you the best return on investment, is photography education!

Written on August 18, 2019